Labor Update: Steve King Co-Sponsors Bill To Eliminate Overtime Pay

overtime payClick here to see the sponsor list including Steve King and 167 other GOP co-sponsors of the bill that would take away American workers’ overtime pay.  There is not one Democratic sponsor on the list. All Republicans.  Remember this in 2014 when you use as an excuse not to vote  that there is no difference between the two parties.

Daily Kos has this:

Today the very foundation to FLSA is under attack with the introduction of H.R. 1406 – Working Families Flexibility Act of 2013. Many of you may know that this bill would amend the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) and would effectively eliminate overtime pay for all non-exempt employees. At first glance this bill may not sound so bad, especially with the family friendly name of, “Working Families Flexibility Act.” What it does though is undermine the ability of an employee to earn overtime pay. If you work 44 hours you should be paid your standard wage for 40 hours and time and a half for four hours. Receiving one and a half hours of compensatory time off for every hour of time worked over 40 does not put food on the table. While this idea sounds good on paper I cannot see it working out well for the worker. The employer can pick and choose, based on the needs of the business, when the worker can take compensatory time. Did you work a couple of extra hours last week so you could go to one of your child’s school functions? Sorry, business needs come first.

While this act stands little chance of being signed into law by President Obama it does show, and quite clearly, how beholden the Republican Party is to business interests. Instead of weakening the FLSA, we should be demanding that it be strengthened. Raise the minimum wage, get rid of the archaic separate tipped minimum wage, strengthen overtime rules, create a maximum wage based on the average employee salary, expand the list of non-exempt employees, and maybe if you really want to help families take a serious look at the 30-hour week as Sen. Black originally wanted in 1932.

Click here to read the rest of the article, Overtime Pay Is a Line in the Sand for Labor on Kos.

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