Still A Rose

dog roseStill a Rose
You can still keep the love

in the midst of this planetary crisis
people crying
broken hearted
stuck in disbelief
crying out for relief
there is Still
a Way
a Way not known
by the hearts of physical man
and the everyday world of catch as catch can
survivable by no one
a Way
not known by the banksters
the bill collectors
the rule makers
running the System
number crunching
in digital cyber
geiger counter cell phones, twitters, facefucks
social island striangulation of all things human
CRUSHING everyone
their spirit
a Way not known by marketing
predicting our every behavior
a Way
not known by surveillance
of every kind
iphone, ipad,”smart? phone”, planet of the apps, droid of every kind
streaming everywhere
and NOwhere
a Way
not known
by Homeland “security”
national police state
of drones
trillion$ of Darpa Pentagon Dark Ops
helicopters, B-1’s, F-26’s
funding our total distrust
and insecurity
Dark Overlords
keeping us in misery
There is Still
a Way
Dear Friend
Listen to This
We are Convergence
of a Love Star
Birthing in the Process
Hold on to this
This is
Each and Everyone of Us
in this Love Making
In this Birth Process
There is still a Way
co~creating Ourselves
in this Love Process
Listen to the echo
in our birth process
reverberating back to us
our at one ment
in attunement
in our Resonance Fields
at Play
There is still a Way
this is
Our ISNESS at Play
No One can ever find us here
this is Our Heart Song
There is
A Way
You can still keep the Love
Still a Rose
Happy New Years
One so Dear

John Shumaker
Mid Winter Night’s Dream
February Second
Two Thousand
and Thirteen
Merry Be
So Mote it Be

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