Sunday Funday – Iowa Democrats Of Old

Wow – when did I get so old? Well I thought I would bring back some memories of the old days and I realized I was quite alive then. Well I hope some of these names will stir your memories as well.

Can you remember…..?

1) Let’s start with an easy one. Who was the Lieutenant governor under Tom Vilsack?

2) Tom Harkin was first elected to the senate in 1984. Who did he defeat in that election?

3) November 1972. Iowa’s Republican Senator Jack Miller is defeated by an up and coming anti-Viet Nam War candidate. The new senator was …?

4) A legend in Iowa, a former Republican turned Democrat. This man went from a near suicide to governor and US Senator in the 1960s. Do I need to say more?

5) The burgeoning labor movement and urbanization in Iowa helped this man win two terms as governor in 1956 and 1958. Can you remember….?

6) This man has a checkered life story, former 1st district congressman, married to a congresswoman, convicted of multiple fraud charges and finally, Chelsea Clinton’s father-in-law.

7) Once upon a time, Iowa had 6 districts. The sixth district is now part of the fourth. It was conservative for the most part, but for 12 years it was represented by this liberal, populist businessman who was also famous for his tackle business.

8) Unfortunately, this fine senator lost to Grassley in 1980. Things have never been the same.

9) Iowa’s old 2nd district was essentially today’s first district. This man from Dubuque was a congressman from 1975 to 1979 and later ran for governor in 2006.

10) This man well known in Iowa democratic circles had a very brief stint as governor when his boss was elected US Senator in 1969. Sadly he would be the last democratic governor for 30 years.

Bet you are surprised by how many of these folks you remember. Let’s put some more democrats in office so I can do this quiz again in a couple years. ANSWERS?? I’ll give you answers:

1) Sally Pederson

2) Roger Jepson

3) Dick Clark

4) Harold E. Hughes

5) Herschell Loveless

6) Ed Mezvinsky

7) Berkley Bedell

8) John Culver

9) Michael Blouin

10) Robert Fulton

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