Judge Blocks Iowa Plan Challenging Voters

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – A district court judge on Friday halted Iowa’s Republican secretary of state from implementing voting rules he established without public input.

Polk County District Court Judge Mary Pat Gunderson said in her ruling that Secretary of State Matt Schultz could have followed normal rule-making procedures and that emergency rules were unnecessary before the November election.

Schultz created two rules. One would have challenged votes of individuals who appear on state and federal databases as noncitizens. A second rule would have made it easier to report alleged voter fraud.

Schultz created the rules in July without a public hearing, using an emergency administrative process. He said he feared noncitizens would try to vote.


5:30 last night – keep your ears open for more.

Mr. Schultz one-man power grab appears to be over and common sense prevails.


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