11th Anniversary Of “Bin Laden Determined To Strike In US”

Last Monday was the eleventh anniversary of the August 6th, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing titled “Bin Laden determined to strike in the United States.” Most can recall that then Pres. George W. Bush was on a brush cleaning vacation in Texas. He brushed off the PDB with a curt “Alright you’ve covered your ass.”

Next month we will be remembering the eleventh anniversary of the attacks on New York, supposedly master-minded by Bin Laden. National Security Advisor Condoleza Rice couldn’t connect those two dots. Many of the members of the Bush Administration foreign policy team are on the inside of the Romney campaign including Dan Senor and John Bolton. Should they get a do-over? Scares the hell out of me, how about you?

Romney Wants a Truce?
Romney To Obama: Please Stop Attacking My Business Record, Taxes
Seriously, Mitt. You made your business record the focal point of your campaign. So Obama helped you on that score. Now you are crying foul because Obama did just that? Seriously. Have you forgotten that you are ashamed of your record in your one political office, governor of Massachusetts?

Romney Spokesperson Endorses Romneycare
Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul endorsed Romneycare (and Obamacare by definition?) Thursday prompting Ann Coulter to blast off for Mars to visit the rover Curiosity. Have a nice trip, Ann. Soon former Romney spokes people will have enough to form a group psychology session. BTW if anyone knows where a former spokesperson can pick up a little work…… accidentally told the truth once.

Scary News From The Arctic
Humans have done their best to ignore climate change. But the past two decades and especially the past two years are making it more and more apparent that we proceed doing so at our own peril. Recent news from the arctic is scary. Stated simply, as the Arctic changes, so does the world. The floods and droughts that we have experienced over the past couple decades will become the norm.

Of course this may not be such a big deal if it weren’t reeking havoc with food crops all over the world. With the human race at over 7 billion in number, lack of food looks like it may be the catalyst for some major global problems coming soon.

Obviously many of our politicians are more than happy to sacrifice the many to satisfy the few who are filling their pockets with money. And it is not like our leaders haven’t heard this. All this was laid out in clear unmistakable words in early 2007 by a think tank working for the Pentagon.

We Need Some Levity
With the worst candidate ever running for president (Romney, you Bozo) and dire news in the climate area we could use some levity. Here goes:

Watch to the very end.

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