Sunday Funday – America At War Edition

Well, we wouldn’t have Memorial Day if we didn’t have something memorialize. Like many countries America honors its fallen heroes with a special day. So here are ten questions about Memorial Day or America’s involvement in wars since its beginning:

1) Memorial Day was first celebrated to honor the dead from which war?
a) the American revolution
b) The War of 1812
c) The Civil War
d) World War I

2) For the first Memorial Day, flowers were ordered placed on soldiers graves at Arlington National Cemetary. Before it was a cemetary, what was Arlington?
a) The home of Thomas Jefferson
b) land set aside for the expansion of Washington, D.C.
c) land once held by Martha Custis Washington
d) the home of Robert E. Lee

3) Andrew Jackson became famous for winning the Battle of New Orleans (among other things). Which war was the Battle of New Orleans a part of?
a) King Phillip’s War
b) The War of 1812
c) The Spanish – American War
d) The Barbary War

4) Which war was famously touted as “the war to end all wars?”
a) World War II
b) the Korean War
c) World War I
d) the Cold War

5) How did that work out? Was it actually an end to all wars?
a) Yes
b) No

6) Which of these post Civil War presidents did not serve in Civil War?
a) Grover Cleveland
b) Rutherford B. Hayes
c) Andrew Johnson
d) William McKinley

7) Which war resulted in the US acquiring much of her southwest territory?
a) The Spanish American War
b) The War of 1812
c) The War for Texas Independence
d) The Mexican American War

8) Who commanded the American Expeditionary forces in WWI?
a) Gen. George C. Marshall
b) Gen. John J. Pershing
c) Gen. Arthur MacArthur
d) Gen. Billy Mitchell

9) The Civil War has the record for most casualties in American wars. About how many died in the US Civil War
a) 150,000
b) 400,000
c) 625,000
d) 1,000,000

10) Match the war with American involvement with its approximate casualties:
a) American Revolution   1) 58,000
b) World War 2                  2) 25,000
c) Vietnam War                 3) 116,000
d) World War 1                  4) 405,000

Thanks and much respect to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country.
Here are the answers:
1) c) The Civil War – first celebrated May 30, 1868

2) d) Arlington had been the home of Gen. Lee

3) b) Word hadn’t gotten to New Orleans that the War of 1812 was over, so Jackson fought and won.

4) c) WW 1

5) b) I know not why I asked such a sarcastic question.

6) a) Grover Cleveland

7) d) The Mexican-American War got us all or part of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California

8) b) John J. “Black Jack” Pershing

9) c) estimated 625,000 casualties


a) Revolution = 2 (25,000)

b) World War 2 = 4 (405,000)

c) Vietnam War = 1 (58,000)

d) World War 1 = 3 (116,000)

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