My Weakness Is My Strength

It just occurred to me that the Republican Party does such a great job at twisting the truth that they have carried themselves for years by turning what used to be horrible failures into their embodiments of strength. While doing that they have also been able to turn the accomplishments of their opponents into their opponents weaknesses.

Probably the greatest single failure in American history is 9/11. This is as I recall the only time that we have ever been attacked (and successfully so) in the contiguous 48 states. This should have been a miserable failure for the administration in power, especially when it was later revealed that they had sufficient advance warning to have been much better prepared. In case you choose to forget, let me remind you of the August 6th memo that Bush dismissed with a curt “You’ve covered your ass.”

Perhaps the worst failure in statesmanship ever is the invasion of Iraq for no real reason. The Bush Administration ginned up stories of Weapons of Mass Destruction and delivery systems that could penetrate deep into the heart of America. They knew these were lies, but used them to take America into a war of choice that has seen over 4,000 Americans die.

Yet the Republican Party and its allies in the media, especially Fox, were able to take these failures and turn them into a triumphs where the Republican Party is feted as the Party that is serious about defense. Seriously? For eight years and more following the disaster of 9/11 Republicans bragged about how they stood up to the terrorists, never mentioning that their own failure was responsible in major part for the disaster happening.

With this twisting of events and the media’s compliance or better yet aid in pushing the Republican narrative we should not be at all surprised that the newest attack on Barrack Obama is another amazing example of the twisting of the truth. What should be one of the brighter moments of our history since the 9/11 attacks, President Obama sponsored relentless pursuit of Osama Bin Laden right up to giving the order to pull off a raid that saw Bin Laden executed.

Now the Republican Party through a super-PAC headed by Karl Rove (Crossroads GPS) are retelling what happened only a year ago and trying to make Obama look like a chump. Even the ever truthless Mitt Romney is joining in, claiming that he could have done what Obama did. We can only hope that the American public learned its lesson on trusting media reframing of events. The public believed the media on John Kerry, on the failure of 9/11, on the invasion of Iraq. Will the public finally understand that they are being used like a bunch of first graders?

It is time for the American public to rise up and demand that the Republican Party quit sponsoring and condoning such distortions of the truth. It is also time that news sources quit acting merely as stenographers and go back to what they used to do. Find the truth behind the spin and report that. There was a time not long ago – pre-Fox News – when we had a few news sources we could depend on to find and report the truth. It is time for these news sources to return to their roots. I hold little hope for corporate news sources to do this, but there is still time for NPR to move back to its glory days.

And for those of you who may have forgotten, last year as he was making jokes at the Correspondents dinner, President Obama knew that he had set in motion a raid that would place his administration in jeopardy should it fail. He also knew that the consequences could be catastrophic in the international scene if the raid were not carried out to precision.

The raid was quite successful. The President gave credit to the SEALS who carried the mission out though he could not reveal any by name. And the world was rid of the greatest terrorist of the times who had been left alone by the previous administration in yet one more of its great failures.

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