Sunday Funday ACLU Edition.

OK, I was watching Jeopardy the other day. They had the ACLU as a category. Well, what could be a better category for a bunch of liberals and progressive than the group that will lead them into the worker’s paradise?
Guess what? We haven’t always seen eye to eye with the ACLU. I bet most of us can remember at least one battle they fought that we wondered WHAT are they doing? So let’s see what you know.

1) When was the ACLU founded?
a) Just after the Constitution was adopted
b) Prior to the Civil War.
c) Shortly after the end of WWI in 1920
d) At the end of WWII.

2) What issue helped gel the ACLU into existence?
a) The adoption of the bill of Rights at the Constitutional Convention
b) The Communist threat following WWII
c) Slavery before the Civil War
d) The imprisoning of anti-War protesters during WWI

3) Over the years the ACLU has defended many individuals and groups which were incredibly unpopular at the time. Which group did they defend during

a) Americans of Japanese descent who were interned as a prevention.
b) Members of the German-American League who were banned after the start of the war.
c) Communists
d) American Jews.

4) The ACLU is often best known by the cases it has been involved in. One famous case arising from Iowa led to loosening free speech in public schools. What city was the defendant in that case?
a) Iowa City.
b) Des Moines
c) Sioux City
d) Cedar Rapids

5) One issue that the ACLU is frequently vilified by the right concerning public schools is:
a) forced that evolution be taught in American high schools
b) included Buddhism and Islam prayers be included in public school prayers.
c) allowed students to withdraw from public school prayer.
d) the outlawing of prayer in public schools.

6) In one of its more controversial cases the ACLU defended the right of the American Nazi Party (NASP) to march in what mostly Jewish community?
a) Palm Beach, Florida
b) North Bergen, N.J.
c) Brookfield, Wisconsin
d) Skokie, Illinois

7) In its early years, because of mutual interests the ACLU was frequently associated with what group or movement?
a) labor
b) civil rights
c) anti-war
d) industry

8) The ACLU first gained public notoriety due to its involvement in what famous 1920s case?
a) Sacco and Vanzetti
b) The Scopes Monkey Trial
c) Teapot Dome Scandal
d) Leopold and Loeb

9) Recently, the ACLU was on which side in the Citizen’s United v. Federal Election Commission?
a) Citizens United
b) FEC

10) In toto, which one of the Bill of Rights has the ACLU defended most frequently?
a) the second amendment on firearms
b) the fourth amendment on searches and seizures
c) the fifth amendment on trial by jury etc.
d) the first amendment on freedom of speech.

I feel a little freer know the ACLU is out there to defend our freedoms.
Here are the answers:

1) c) shortly after WWI

2) d) the imprisoning of anti-war protesters.

3) a) Japanese Americans who were put in internment camps

4) b) Tinker v. Des Moines (the black armband case)

5) d) outlawing of prayer in school

6) d) Skokie, Ill.

7) a) labor

8) b) the Scopes Monkey Trial

9) a) Citizens United (they have been roundly criticized for this)

10) d) the first amendment, especially the freedom of speech.

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