How The Koch Brothers Made The Left Blame Obama

Powerful article.  “We are in the battle of our lives. And we are in danger of losing. The enemy is men in Brooks Brothers suits.”

“These traitors to the American Dream have spread their tentacles throughout our government. They have caused the American people to turn against each other. They have caused people to question whether our president is an American citizen. They have even made people on the left angry that our president didn’t come equipped with a magic wand to fix the nearly insurmountable problems dumped in his lap and that anger translated to apathy on the left in the 2010 elections.

That, in turn, tipped the balance of power in Congress.

They’ve got Congress, they’ve got the Supreme Court —the only branch of government they don’t have is the presidency and they are intent on getting that crowning jewel. And they just might do it.

Are you going to let them?”

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