Teabagger Health Care System And Shoot Your Neighbor Laws

Beginning Monday the Supreme Court (referred to as SCOTUS) will hear arguments on the fate of the Affordable Care Act (often referred to as “Obama Care”). Well as Bill Maher noted last week “If they call it Obamacare every time a family is forced into bankruptcy by a medical misfortune, or a sick child is dropped by his insurance company or a patient dies because she can’t afford surgery, we get to call it “TEA BAGGER CARE”

Well Tea Bagger Care is currently the law. Like most everything else in America today, the outcomes favor the rich and the middle class, working class and poor get the left overs. You can scream at the top of your lungs that we have the best medical care in the world and I would agree. But even crappy health care is not available to millions in this country, let alone the best health care. Fellow citizens in this country end up dying of problems that are stopped early in other countries because they have universal health care systems.

Yet many poor people in this country are somehow deluded into voting against their own interests, voting for politicians that sell them on “freedom” and “Liberty” and in turn stab them in the back and take their money to give to their rich donors.

So now it will be up to the SCOTUS and more likely up to Justice Anthony Kennedy who has so often been the swing vote on this divided court, to decide whether America goes forward to join the rest of the civilized world with at least a form of universal care called “Obamacare” or whether we continue to slip toward third world status as we retain TEA BAGGER CARE, which continues to ignore the health needs of nearly 1/3 of its own


A Note On Trayvon Martin

As many of you know Carol and I work with a local charity called Dream Catchers. Many of the kids in Dream Catchers are minorities simply because much of our school age population is minority. We have been with them for six years. The early Dreamers are now about the age of Trayvon Martin. They have lived here all their lives, although their ancestry is Latin American.

One of the first thoughts that crossed my mind is how we would feel if we had a similar incident in our town. What if we had a “Shoot first, ask questions later” law in Iowa? Would someone use this as a cover to kill a minority? What about a teenager? I can’t help but to think it would happen. There have been nearly 500 hundred such deaths in Florida since their version of the bill has passed.

Well Republicans in Iowa have such a bill ready to go and it has passed the republican majority House only to be stalled in the Senate. I hope legislators think hard, really hard before they give out a license to kill without even so much as an investigation. This bill is being pushed by that insidious, under the rock and behind the curtain group known as ALEC. For those who are not familiar with ALEC, they are a group funded by corporations with the purpose of writing up “model legislation” that greatly favors business. All Republican members of the Iowa House are members of ALEC per Charles Smithson, Secretary of the House.

The link between ALEC and the “kill your neighbor” bill is discussed here. It is so sad that the Iowa House Republican delegation is a subsidiary of ALEC. They have shown in so many cases, such as the voter ID laws and anti-union policies that they answer to ALEC first and Iowa second, if at all. In this case, this insane law may cost lives.

Were one of the kids we work with in a small town to die like Trayvon Martin it would rip a hole in the city. These kids are every bit as American as you and I. But if they were in the wrong place at the wrong time with some self-appointed vigilante, it could easily happen. Iowa doesn’t need laws like this. America doesn’t need laws like this. Laws such as this are enacted only to serve to heighten fear. Fear has been one of the Republican Party’s major methods of controlling the populace and getting votes. We need to get beyond the fear that one party wants to exploit and get about the business of making this a great country again.

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