Abortion Unavailable Or Banned In Nearly 90% Of US Counties.

I read the above line in a story on DailyKos Wednesday. It really got me. This is a procedure that is some cases is needed to save a woman’s life. This means that in all but only a sliver of America a woman can be condemned to death due to pregnancy complications. This is so pre-20th century and totally stupid.

There is no comparable situation for men. If there were make no doubt that it would be dealt with quickly.

As a father of daughters, a husband and a person who has many women as very close friends, I find it hard to believe that these citizens of the United States are denied medical care for conditions that are specific to them by a democratic political system. Unbelievable that our politicians use the medical system to punish women for being women.

No better reason to say it is time to vote some Democratic women into power.

Speaking of Health Care……
While the health care system has been mandated to punish women for being women, it is also set up in this country to punish the poor, the unemployed and many other groups. Now the the old white man’s power structure known as the Republican Party is pushing giving the power to choose what services are covered or not to the personal beliefs of an employer.

I can think of no better reason to keep pushing hard for single-payer health care system like the rest of the civilized world has.

But the “government” would run it.
I am here to let you in on a secret. YOU are the government. And if you can’t trust the government it is because you elected bad representatives. It is finally time to point the finger where it belong’s – at the voter.

I see a government run Health Care system as one where I should have a voice, whether it be by contacting my congress critter or some other representative who is in the end beholden to the public. Try and complain to the head of BC/BS or United Health Care if you have a problem in our current system.

Thanks to that crazy son of a bitch Rick Santorum for sparking the debate again for the need for a single payer system.

Grassley schools us on the inter-tubes.
If any dude is hip to the tubes, it be the Grass-man. Yo, y’all listen to this dude! He warned you about pullin’ the plug on Granny!

Religion in presidential politics
With the insertion of crazy religious discussion by Rick Santorum into the presidential political landscape, it make me wonder what century we are in? Sounds like the 16th or 17th.

Republicans aim to control people and one of the great tools of control is the use of fear of the unknown that religions can whip up in a second. Once the fear of the unknown is raised, then they can deploy their solution to that fear – follow me, do what I say and send me money. Most of the problems we have are not of unknown origin and they are solvable with the use of logical research and reasonable thought.

Heaven help the Republicans if Americans ever start thinking.

Seriously, Santorum – Satan is attacking the US? Seriously? Looks like the product of bad Republican policy to me!

An atheist in charge?
Contrasting the USA’s seeming demand for politicians to talk and act like holy people, there is a country in the western world where the leader is an avowed atheist. The country is Australia and the leader is Julia Gillard. She has been in office since June 2010. Unless you count some of the extreme weather that Australia has experienced in the past few years as vengeance from God, Ms. Gillard’s administration has been pretty normal. She will be facing a leadership challenge from Kevin Rudd Monday (Sunday here) in the Labor Party.

Run! There is a Girl Scout at the door!
Newest enemy of the corporate stooges aka Republican Party – the girl scouts.Let’s be honest, the only thing that scares Republicans about girl scouts is that they teach girls to be independent and strong. We are former girl scout leaders and parents of girl scouts and proud of the kids we worked with in girl scouts.

Republicans push VMI
Yep – the newest push for Republicans is VMI – Vaginal Management Initiatives. Like many in product management lack of knowledge of the product is no deterrent to them managing it.

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