Tell Your State Senator To Oppose “Ag Gag” Bill

Food & Water Watch

There is a bill in the Iowa legislature that would carve out special protections for factory farms by criminalizing whistleblowers who document practices on factory farms, making it harder to regulate the pollution they create.

This a blatant overreach by the factory farm industry to get legislation passed that would keep their practices secret and make it harder to hold them accountable.

Will you take action to ask your state Senator to block the “Ag Gag” bill from being passed?

We deserve to know how our food is raised.



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1 Response to Tell Your State Senator To Oppose “Ag Gag” Bill

  1. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Please do not pass the AG-GAG BILL!! It should not be crime to blow the whistle on a person who is torturing, abusing, or killing a defenseless farm animal. The crime is the animal abuse and cruelty!! No animal shold ever be treated like this. They feel pain and loss just like we do.The public has a right to know!!!


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