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Keeping An Eye Out For ALEC

With the start of the legislative session here in Iowa, citizens and journalists need to keep an eye out for ALEC legislation trying to get its foot in the door. Last year Republicans offered a bill which cut commercial property taxes, but also had many a poison pill for cities and towns in Iowa. I think we can expect those kind of shenanigans again. This is why the Liz Mathis election was so important. Without a majority in the senate, Dems would be unable to stop ALEC type legislation. Thus in a short peiod of time we would be Wisconsin or Michigan.

Anybody else feel Mitt has contempt for us little people?

After seeing the confrontation with a citizen on the ropeline in South Carolina I get the impression that Romney has little but contempt for those among us who do not have a few million laying around. Guess to be a full citizen under Romney I will need to find a few more zeroes to put behind the family fortune.

Under Gingrich, will State Dinners be swingers parties?

Why can’t I get this idea out of my mind? Just imagine Mr. Openmarriage as President. He is hosting a state dinner for let us say Sarkozy. Suddenly he decides he has taken a fancy to Mrs. Sarkozy and asks the first lady (aka the third wife) and the President of France if he and the French first lady could be excused for an hour or two. Think there would be any fallout?

When was the last time you said?

“I earned just a little bit of money” about $372,000? Looks like a big bit of money to me. A really big bit of money.

Payday Lenders finally going to be controlled?

When Richard Cordray was appointed to his job as the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau he let it be known that Payday Lenders were in his sights. After immediately taking on the mortgage market, he has now focused on the Payday Lenders. With interest rates that can top an annual 500%, these lenders are certainly in need of some supervision. Thank you Mr. Cordray! Please read all about it here.

Are they caricatures?

I can’t help but think that if any creative person were trying to come up with a comic book character to represent on the 1%, that person would end up drawing Mitt Romney. We hear stories that he is really nice, yet the persona he shows in public is one of arrogance, disdain for the poor and middle class, who has so much money he considers a $10,000 bet a ‘friendly wager.’

Yet Gingrich and Santorum are not far behind as caricatures. Gingrich as the old southern white gentleman who treats women like objects and still echoes strains of the south’s racial past.

Santorum appears to want to be Pope of the United States. He is condescending to anyone who does not fit into his very narrow view of what humans should be.

How’s that austerity doing?

While we spend much of our time being distracted by the glittery object of the primaries and their circus like atmosphere, Europe continues to perform a great experiment in economics. Can austerity really grow an economy? Well, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other monetary groups issued warnings that austerity may not be the way to go after all.

Europe looks to have a very slow growth if any at all in the near future. It looks as though much of the expected slow growth can be attributed to the austerity.

Almost forgot our friends in Wisconsin

Congratulations on turning in the recall petitions not only on Walker, but on Kleefisch and the senators. I am sure there will be many here who will want to help make calls or whatever is needed in your fight for good government.

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