Iowa Policy Project Advances The Force Of Reason

Last week I got this donation solicitation from the Iowa Policy Project. Normally I would not pass on requests like this, but this organization does some of the best work in refuting  lies, omissions and misleading statements that have become the fabric of our discourse.

I still believe that the truth will win out and the lies of the moment must be shown to be not only false but detrimental to governing.

IPP Friend:

When we started the Iowa Policy Project, I had great dreams for a simple idea: Make public policy more user-friendly, and more facts available to Iowans, to encourage better decisions. If IPP could do that, Iowans would have a better chance to have clean air and water, more understandable and fair taxes, and a state where all have the opportunity to succeed.

Ten years later, our dream to provide that information is a reality — even if we have not seen hundreds of policy results yet.

We know Iowans want good information, because they come to us for it. Just this week, our research director, Peter Fisher, was on NPR’s “All Things Considered” to talk about corporate subsidies. (Hear it here.) It was the latest of many invitations for Peter — one of the state’s most recognized experts on tax policy and economic development. Last week he spoke at a national conference, and Iowans call upon him frequently.

Our good research covers so many topics that many Iowans find we can help them in ways they didn’t realize. They talk to us about one topic, then learn of other work we do:

A few weeks ago, a councilman from a small Iowa town came to our office to meet with Peter about tax-increment financing (TIF). Afterward, I met with the councilman about another issue: an energy-efficiency competition we organized with his community and three others.

A councilman in another town was so impressed with our report showing an “Apples to Apples” comparison of pay for public- and private-sector workers that he made the motion for his community to participate with us in our energy competition study.

Every public policy issue of consequence these days demands a fight. IPP makes sure those most concerned about a sustainable and just future for Iowans have facts and strong messages to make their case. That is our mission.

To provide this research we need your help. Not only do our grants from national funders require matching donations from Iowans; those grants are not enough to get the job done. And, in this economy, those grants are harder to come by. IPP needs your support.

Please help us advance the force of reason in Iowa’s public policy debates with a secure, online donation.

As we are a 501(c)(3) organization, your contribution may be fully tax-deductible.

Thank you for considering us in your end-of-year giving plans.

Warm regards,


PS — As Congress battles and the Iowa Legislature prepares to return, your help is especially important to IPP.

David Osterberg
Executive Director

20 E. Market St. • Iowa City, IA 52245

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retired in West Liberty
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