Sunday Funday – Let Me Tempt You With An Apple

It is autumn and nothing says autumn like the crunch of an apple freshly picked from your tree or in one of Iowa’s fine orchards. Mmmmm – man I can almost taste one now.

Well the apple is one of the true staples of our food supply. So let’s see what you know about apples. We’ll do a combination of multiple choice and straight forward questions.

1) Many years ago, we discovered that one of our girl scout troop members was relation to the man who has been given credit for making apples such a popular fruit in America. He wasn’t a myth. What was his real name and what was the nickname most of us know him by?

2) The US is #2 in apple production? Well what country is #1, then?
a) New Zealand
b) India
c) China
d) Germany

3) Which variety of apple is the only one that is actually native to North America?
a) Johnathan
b) Red Delicious
c) Granny Smith
d) Crabapple

4) In the US, are more apples eaten as fresh fruit or as part of processed foods?

5) Washington is overwhelmingly the top apple producing state. Which state is second leading producer?
a) New York
b) Michigan
c) California
d) Illinois

6) Many years ago, CBS ran a story on 60 Minutes claiming that a chemical used on apples was a cancer risk. This ultimately led to the banning of this chemical on food. What was the name of that chemical?
a) Texize
b) 2,4-D
c) permethrin
d) alar

7) Oddly enough the apple is actually a member of a flower family. Which family?
a) hydrangea
b) rhododendron
c) rose
d) lilac

8) What do we usually call apple juice?

9) Iowa is the state given credit for first developing what staple of the apple world?
a) Red Delicious
b) Jonathan
c) Granny Smith
d) McIntosh

10) The University of Minnesota recently created what now popular type of apple?
a) Cortland
b) Honey Crisp
c) Fuji
d) Gala

Mmmmmmm – hot apple pie with a thin slice of New York sharp cheddar baked under the crust. Or just a piece of apple pie with some vanilla ice cream. Back in a minute with the answers.

Ahhhhh – answers? Okay – hey – do you remember when apples were a great treat at Halloween?

1) John Chapman aka Johnny Appleseed. Yep – one of our girl’s mother was a descendent of Johnny’s brother – or so we were told.
2) c) China is far and away the number 1 producer, producing around 40% of the world’s apples.
3) d) the lowly crabapple is native to NA.
4) two-thirds are eaten as fresh fruit
5) a) most sources say New York. The most recent I could find was 2009
6) d) alar
7) c) the apple is a member of the rose family
8) Cider!
9) a) Iowa was the home to the delicious apple
10) b) the honey crisp – one of the more popular of apples these days.

Me? I love a Braeburn – except when our Red Delicious fruits every other year. Nothing the world like taking an apple right off the tree and biting in.

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