Sunday Funday – Pre-Labor Day Edition


Labor Day is nearly here. Where once this holiday was a major point in the calendar year, with the decline of the labor movement in recent years the holiday to celebrate workers and their work has diminished also. Let’s see what you know about the movement that gave rise to this holiday.

1) When Labor Day became national holiday, who was the president?
a) Abraham Lincoln
b) Franklin Roosevelt
c) Theodore Roosevelt
d) Grover Cleveland

2) One of the early leaders of the Labor Movement was a little older lady usually dressed in a black dress and white lace collar. What was her name?
a) Susan B. Anthony
b) “Mother” Jones
c) “Mother” Harris
d) Elizabeth Cady Stanton

3) What major labor leader was born in Iowa?
a) John L. Lewis
b) Samuel Gompers
c) Jimmy Hoffa
d) Walter Ruether

4) The first sit-down strike was organized by the UAW in what city?
a) Detroit, Mich.
b) Pontiac, Mich.
c) South Bend, Ind.
d) Flint, Mich.

5) Jimmy Hoffa was one of the most notorious of labor leaders. What union was he head of?
b) Teamsters
c) UAW
d) United Mine Workers

6) Violence has often been a major feature during the Labor Movement. What famous violent incident happened in Chicago in 1886?
a) the Homestead Strike
b) the Draft Riots
c) The Haymarket Square riot
d) the Pullman Strike

7) When were public sector unions first recognized as legitimate?
a) During the 1930s under Franklin Roosevelt
b) During the 1880s. They rose with private sector unions.
c) During the 1940s following WWII
d) In the late 1950s in New York City then spreading across the country.

8) What quasi-police company was often used to break strikes?
a) the Pinkertons
b) Wells-Fargo
c) the Rough Riders
d) the Black Jacks.

9) What musician was famous for his labor oriented songs in the Great Depression?
a) Pete Seeger
b) Jimmy Rogers
c) Woody Guthrie
d) Leadbelly

10) August 5th, 1981 is a black day in Labor history. What happened?
a) Jimmy Hoffa disappeared.
b) PATCO dissolved by the Reagan Administration
c) Department of Labor dropped from the cabinet by Reagan
d) SEIU splits from the AFL-CIO

In doing research for these questions I found this website: – lots of good data in there about what is happening to labor these days and some things that can be done. The best way out of the recession is to create good paying jobs that create demand that creates jobs.

Answers? Here you go –

1) d) Grover Cleveland – 1894
2 b) Mary Harris “Mother” Jones aka “the Most Dangerous Woman in America”
3) c)John L. Lewis
4) d) Flint – just ask Michael Moore
5) b) Teamsters
6) c) Haymarket
7) d) in the late ’50s under Mayor Robert Wagner.
8) a) the Pinkertons or Pinkerton Detective Agency
9) c) Woody Guthrie of course.
10) b) PATCO dissolved.

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