Iowa House Republicans Show Their Mettle

Des Moines, Iowa May 6, 2011 – Today, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy released a statement saying, “Once again, House Republicans are governing in an extremist fashion.  Because of the budget standoff, all representatives in the Iowa House were sent home this past Wednesday.  However, this morning to a virtually empty House Chamber, Republican Majority Leader Linda Upmeyer brought up and passed a controversial measure calling for a “two year moratorium” on plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and curtail efforts to stop polluters.

House Resolutions relay the will of Iowans and are almost always non-partisan, like the resolution honoring WWII veterans.  Since the measure was approved, the Iowa House is also directed to inform Iowa’s congressional delegation about its passage giving the false impression that it had unanimous, bi-partisan support in the Iowa House.  House Democrats will be submitting our own letter to Iowa’s congressional delegation to let them know we did not support this controversial legislation and it should not have been called up for debate in our absence.”

[Editor’s Note: Iowa elected a Republican House, so the majority party is free to do what they wish, including shutting the government down by not reaching agreement with Senate Democrats on a budget. We hope Iowans are watching and learning].

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