Revolution American Style 2011

Revolution American Style 2011

by Dave Bradley

Hopes are high that the uprising in Egypt will result in some form of democracy that will help raise the populace up from a general poverty, caused by a growing concentration of wealth at the top.

While TV cameras, radio microphones and Twitterers all over the world were focused on events in Egypt, a group of right wing billionaires and multi-millionaires were meeting in Rancho Mirage, California led by the infamous Koch Brothers, David and Charles.
America has a spreading poverty also caused by a growing concentration of wealth at the top. And those at the top mean to keep it that way. Among the tools that they will use are right wing politicians, judges and media who will render laws, judgments  and media spin that are designed to make the rich richer and make it seem like a good thing. As proof, one only needs to cite the recently passed tax cut extension for the rich at a time of great debt, the decision in the case of Citizens United vs. the FEC, and of course, the 24 X 7 propaganda spread by the Fox Republican News Channel.

Oddly, while the events in Egypt are being covered around the clock, it seems like almost no one covered events at Rancho Mirage. Of course the events at Rancho Mirage were held behind closed doors. I am not sure which will have the biggest long range effect for America and the world. My guess is the closed door meeting will. But it will be hard to measure the effects since we have no idea what went on behind those closed doors this time – or at any of their previous or future meetings.

Glenn Beck was the keynote speaker, Eric Cantor was in attendance. To me, this is scary. Rancho Mirage and other such meetings are where the rich make out their wish lists and set up the apparatus to make it happen. Shadowy figures in behind closed door meetings making decisions that will affect you and me. Hardly how your high school textbooks described American democracy.

For a list of invited guests and an agenda, see this PDF (the recent meeting is near the end):

Thanks to Jane Mayer of the New Yorker, we have a much better knowledge of the multi-billionaire Koch brothers who appear to be the major movers behind many of the right wing movements, including the tea-party.

Some members of the Supreme Court no longer even pretend to be neutral, showing up as speakers for right wing think tanks or contributing money. With the Supreme Court often being the last hope for many against outrageous and oppressive laws, this development is indeed scary.
Right now I can say, thank goodness we have the citizen journalists known as bloggers to shed at least some light on practices like this. Let us hope that congress is smart enough to pass the recently introduced Internet Neutrality Act from Senators Franken and Cantwell. See it at
America’s revolution was against an aristocracy, whether it was created by divine right or accumulation of money. Yet today we are seeing the very foundations of democracy being undercut by the wealthy, working behind the scenes with an all too compliant political class using the media as its main weapon.
If you think all this does not affect you, as an example watch the attacks on public unions all across the US this year. Unions act as a check on the unfettered power of corporate money. I will bet Terry Branstad has his marching orders. He will be doing his part to bust unions along with many other Republican governors, representatives and senators at the state and national level.

Call your congress person to support the Franken-Cantwell Internet Neutrality bill. 

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Dave Bradley is a self-described
retired observer of American politics “trying to figure out how we got
so screwed up.” 
Iowa City native currently living in West Liberty,  Dave and his wife
Carol have two grown children who “sadly had to leave the state to find
decent paying jobs.


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