Egypt Initiates: Press On Toward the Dawn

Egypt Initiates: Press On Toward The Dawn

a poem by John Shumaker

out on the edge of Darkness
  there exists an isthmus
Gathering out there
  from who knows where
a Great Gathering Throng
  which is mostly us
  dressed in coats of many colors
  who knows collectively
    In spiritu
      in situ
        in locus foci
“they've done me wrong”
and Frankie and Johnny aint got nothing on this Uprising
Do we curse the Darkness
  of the Great Gathering Throng
  or do we Light a Candle
to help bring them along
not only to cheer them on
But to bring them RIGHT ON in
  to Home
A People's Movement
Demanding Democracy
All Over
  and All Round
      Arab Street
These Folks are not alone
They are in the Heart and Inspiration
    of All of Us
  One Heart
    We Are
We are All ONE
    in this Thing
Til the Day is Won
    O Caritas
O Cara Anam
Bring them Home
  to the WARM
from the long snows of their endeavors
Isis IS
  in Her Great UNLOCKING
    from Millenia in Ice
    Her glacier is melting
      and MOVING
  Women are refusing to wear the veil
To each and everyone of these RISING UP
      for FREEDOM
  we say
    Press On
        Toward the Dawn

John Shumaker
early morning hours
Pre Socratic Dawn
Late January
  Mid Winter's Day
when Chinook rolled in
with a Thaw
across High Himaliowa

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