Congressman Loebsack Represents Everyday Iowans

by Paul Deaton and Trish Nelson

Chances are that Blog for Iowa readers have already voted in the 2010 midterms. If they live in the Second Congressional District, they voted to return Dave Loebsack to the 112th Congress. BFIA has its roots in Democracy for America and we have continuously covered Loebsack’s campaigns and work in Washington, beginning when he formed his exploratory committee back in April 2005. We endorse, support and want to see Dave Loebsack re-elected to continue the work he has begun in Washington. We are working hard to make sure that happens on November 2.

Regardless of which party controls Congress, Loebsack will work across party lines to get things done, staying in touch with constituents and representing the values of everyday Iowans. In addition, Loebsack is developing a track record in which he has offered key support to flood recovery efforts, the Iowa National Guard, the Veterans Administration and educational institutions in the district. He supports ending our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq while at the same time making sure that soldiers who serve there have the support they need to do their job.

He is our kind of Congressman.

In an April 10, 2005, Loebsack laid out his reasons for exploring a run for office against long time incumbent, Jim Leach,

“It is time that we in this district begin to halt George Bush and the hard right of the Republican Party as they try to move America ever farther in their direction. In recent days, we have seen this movement evident by the efforts of Tom DeLay and his allies as they try to capture control of the federal judiciary. Apparently, it is not enough to control the executive and legislature. They want all three branches of government in their grasp.”

He went on to say that Leach was “an enabler for the right-wing leadership in the House and the Bush administration. What is needed at this point is a representative who is in touch with the concerns of folks in this congressional district and who is willing to “lead” on issues that matter. ”

This was a message that resonated with progressives in 2005 and it resonates now. Tom DeLay is gone, but the prospect of House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) indicates that Republicans are ready to pick up where they left off when they lost control of the House in 2006 should they win the lower chamber in November.

There is no question that Loebsack’s opponent, Mariannette Miller-Meeks would be an enabler for the increasingly right wing Republican agenda. The talking points she uses in her speeches and appearances come directly from the playbook of the lobbying groups who support her. For example, her skepticism about the science of climate change is a talking point directly from the Iowa Farm Bureau. As her first name suggests, Mariannette Miller Meeks would be a puppet for the powerful interests, leaving middle class Iowans and those in poverty to fend for themselves in class warfare.

Although it may seem obvious, we can’t take it for granted that Dave Loebsack will win re-election. Progressives worked hard to help him win against a 30 year incumbent. We should work hard in the remaining days before the election to re-elect Dave Loebsack.

Find contact information for your Democratic county chair hereSign up for a shift. Your help will be appreciated. Contact your county auditor or go to for early voting info.

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