A Case for Culver-Judge

A Case for Culver-Judge

by Paul Deaton

2010 midterm elections may not be about logic and achievement. Rather
than take Iowa into the future, the Republican candidate, Terry
Branstad, proposes to undo the accomplishments of the Culver Judge
administration if he were elected.”

On Labor Day during election years we stand at the cusp of political candidates' decision to go all in. If they have done the work, the canvassing is finished, they know the votes needed to win, strategies are developed and tactics to get to a winning election day are being implemented. Labor Day Weekend is a pivotal point in the election cycle and this year it can be expected to be a bumpy ride until the first votes are cast on September 23rd through election day on November 2nd. Chet Culver and Patty Judge are all in.

The logic of the case to support Chet Culver and Patty Judge is clear and Lieutenant Governor Judge laid out the case at a town hall meeting in West Branch, Iowa this week.

“The Iowa budget has been balanced every day that Culver and Judge have been in office,” said Judge. Going into the election, state revenues are up, easing some of the recent budget concerns.

While unemployment is too high, depending upon which numbers you look at, Iowa's unemployment rate is lower than in 40 or 41 other states. The focus of the Governor has been on stimulating job creation in Iowa through the I-Jobs program and the Iowa Power Fund. Judge touted the work of the Iowa Department of Economic Development which brought 261 companies and more than 20,000 jobs to Iowa during their administration, including the technology companies IBM, Microsoft, Google and GoDaddy.com.

During the Culver-Judge administration, taking care of the education and well-being of our youngest citizens has been a priority, with additional funding for preschool programs (over 21,000 additional kids will attend preschool through the state’s voluntary preschool program in the fall) and health insurance coverage under the Hawk-I program for more children (Over 57,000 kids who did not have health insurance before Governor Culver and Lt. Governor Judge took office now do).

Once a person understands the record of the Culver Judge administration, one can see that it have been a record of substantial and credible achievement. Check it out here.

The thing is that the 2010 midterm elections may not be about logic and achievement. Rather than take Iowa into the future, the Republican candidate, Terry Branstad, proposes to undo the accomplishments of the Culver-Judge administration if he were elected.

According to Patty Judge, Terry Branstad would end the subsidy for preschool. He would attempt to put the ban on stem cell research lifted by Governor Culver back into place. He would eliminate the judicial nominating committee and politicize the appointment of judges. He would eliminate the Department of Economic Development and turn management of related tax incentives and forgivable loans over to private business. According to Judge, “this is not a good idea. You want to have your thumb on every dollar, every minute.”

As Iowans prepare for a long Labor Day Weekend, there is much to look forward to in the campaign. The gubernatorial candidates have agreed to three debates which will enable Iowans to see what the candidates are made of, side by side. Those of us who watch television will get sick of the 30 second attack ads. Campaign workers will reach out to us until we get our vote cast. In the end, progressives will find that supporting the Culver-Judge ticket is a way to continue the progress started during their first term. The alternative is a choice for the state to go back to a time that was not the best of times, for those who remember the Branstad years.

It is up to us to get the positive message out as the final days of the campaign approach. Learn about the Culver-Judge record, and tell your family, friends and neighbors. While no elected official is perfect, with Chet Culver and Patty Judge, there is a strong record of accomplishment during their first term. They have earned a second.

Deaton is a native Iowan living in rural Johnson County and weekend
editor of Blog for Iowa.
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