Matt Campbell to Debate Steve King in Iowa's 5th District

Matt Campbell to Debate Steve King in Iowa's 5th District

Congressional Candidate Matt Campbell agrees to Debate King
August 26, 2010

Matt Campbell, Fifth District candidate for U.S. Congress, today agreed to debate Steve King in a live on-air interview on Saturday October 23 at 7pm.  The debate will be broadcast from KTIV studies in Sioux City and carried live at

King has repeatedly indicated he is willing to debate.  The debate would be Steve King’s first as a Congressman despite being a four-time incumbent.  King has never debated a Congressional opponent since being elected nearly eight years ago in 2002.

In an August 14, 2010 article by the Spencer Daily Times, King indicated, “I debate all kinds of people.  I like to debate.”

Campbell says, “I spoke with Steve King on July 4th in Storm Lake regarding having a healthy discussion of the issues facing the country.”

Campbell continues, “I also spoke with Jeff King, Steve King’s son and campaign manager, earlier this month and indicated that if troops can stand in harm’s way abroad then Representative King surely can stand in the safety of a room with his challenger so we can discuss the important issues facing Iowa and America.  We owe them that.  Jeff King indicated he’d pass that message on to see if his father agreed.”

King also in recent editorial in which he compared Democrats to Pontius Pilate stated, “I say we welcome them [Democrats] to a public discussion of the Bible’s meanings.” 

In response to this editorial Campbell says, “I’m proud of my Christian upbringing in the United Methodist Church and accept Steve King’s offer to have a public discussion on this and other topics.  There is no D or R behind God’s name.”

Steve King also earlier in the year asserted to Radio Iowa, “American people need to have this debate about what appears to me to be an inclination on the part of the White House and the Justice Department and perhaps others within the administration to break on the side of favoritism with regard to race.”

Campbell says, “I welcome this discussion but what I want to focus on is what Iowa needs to do to get our economy forward and get people back to work.  I think most Iowans feel the same.”

Campbell’s agreement to debate follows-up on a formal debate prospectus that he issued to Steve King’s congressional campaign earlier in the year.  Campbell has called for three debates in the 2010 Congressional election.  One in Sioux City, one in Council Bluffs and one at an at-large location. 

Campbell also will participate in a candidate forum hosted by the Southwest Iowa Coalition (SWICO) on September 16 in Corning, Iowa.  SWICO is the oldest regional, rural development, advocacy organization in the state of Iowa.  Campbell’s campaign also indicates the Spencer Daily Times would like to hold a candidate debate at the Clay County fair and that he’s agreed to participate but that the Spencer Daily Times is waiting for confirmation from the King campaign. 

Campbell says, “It’s long overdue for Representative King to debate an election-year opponent, and I’m looking forward to it.  I’m the son of five generations of Iowa farmers and the grandson of two World War II veterans, and I’ve won a competitive Democratic primary to boot.”

Campbell promises, “Once elected, I will be sure to respect the Democratic process and debate any future opponent because it strongly serves the public interest. Iowan constituents shouldn’t have to wait more than 8 years for a public debate between their choices for office.”

~ Matt Campbell is a centrist Democrat native of Manning who grew up on a Century Farm. He is running for Congress to create jobs for western Iowans and restore effective leadership in the Fifth District.  Campbell’s campaign is endorsed by US Senator Tom Harkin, former Republican Lt. Governor Art Neu of Carroll and Republican Council Bluffs Mayor Pro Tem Matt Walsh among others.

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