Campbell Challenges King to Debate in Iowa's 5th District




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Campbell Challenges King to Debate in Iowa's 5th District

image(Editor's Note: Representative Steve King has debated none of his opponents since he was first elected. As the campaign unfolds, television advertising will be very important to getting Campbell's message out. Please consider a contribution of $5, $10 or more and contribute by clicking here).


From the Matt Campbell for Congress Campaign

Matt Campbell, 2010 Democratic nominee to be the next
U.S. Congressman for Iowa’s 5th District has formally challenged incumbent Rep.
Steve King (R-Iowa) to a series of debates in the 2010 election.  Campbell issued a formal debate prospectus to
the King campaign earlier today and requested a response date of August 10th so
that negotiations for the debates and venues can be determined.


King has never formally debated an opponent since he’s
been elected, and Campbell says it’s long overdue for King to respect the
American democratic process. 


“It’s long overdue for King to respect the American
democratic process,” Campbell says.


Campbell elaborates, “The 5th District Congressional race
should contain issue-oriented debate as a discussion of the issues between
candidates is a lynchpin of healthy American democracy. It’s an obligation of
those that hold or seek elected office, and Americans expect it.”


“My grandfathers both served in World War II and while
they both were Republicans they would find it appalling that King has
disrespected the process and not formally debated an opponent since he’s been
elected to Congress.  This is America,
not Russia,” Campbell says.


Campbell has called for three debates as appropriate for
the Congressional race and has proposed televised debates in Sioux City and
Council Bluffs and for a third to be held elsewhere in the district.  Campbell has suggested various moderators
such as the VFW, the League of Women Voters and the Iowa Farm Bureau among


Campbell indicated he’s earned the right to debate King.


Campbell says, “I’ve earned the right to debate Steve
King in a series of formal debates.  The
constituents in the district want it.”


 “I’m highly
qualified for the office.  I’m from a
working family and climbed the corporate ladder to be a regional lead of four
states at the 10th largest accounting firm in the country.  I’ve won a competitive primary.  Heck, being the son of five generations of
Iowa farmers should be qualification enough.”


Campbell has called for the revitalization of rural
America to restore growth and development in local economies and is advocating
the annual identification of Iowa’s 5th District Fast Tech 50—the 50 fastest
growing businesses in Western Iowa to help spur development at home and to
better identify and incubate vibrant, growth-oriented opportunities for


Campbell, a native of Manning, Iowa, who grew-up and
lives on a Century farm in his family since 1880, says he understands the
challenges Iowans face.


“I’m from a small town and know the challenges Iowans
face.  We should discuss what we can do
better as a state and nation and a series of formal debates serves the national
interest and is healthy so that we serve the public in the best possible way.”

~Matt Campbell is the centrist Democrat challenger to
Republican representative Steve King of Iowa's 5th District. Matt is a fifth
generation Iowan and established attorney. For more information or to contribute to Matt Campbell's campaign, click here.

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