Get Senate Debate Updates Today From Health Care forAmerica NOW!

Get Senate Debate Updates Today From Health Care for America NOW!

Thursday, Majority Leader Harry Reid unveiled the health care bill he's going to bring to the Senate floor for debate. The bill makes health care more affordable for middle-income families. It would end insurance industry abuses. And it gives us the choice of a public health insurance option to keep the insurance companies honest.

To be sure, the bill is not perfect – health care should be more affordable for everyone, employers should be asked to pitch in their fair share, and while this bill is more fairly financed than previous proposals, it could be paid for entirely by asking those who can most afford it to pitch in their fair share.

As Loretta Johnson of Virginia said as the bill was unveiled, “Now, in my opinion, there's probably some room for improvement. But I know, Senator Reid and the Senators standing here today are as committed as we are to making sure people can afford the care they need.”

The bill is a great step forward and one that deserves debate and a fair, majority vote in the U.S. Senate.

That is what we're fighting for – a fair, majority vote on this bill, nothing less.

Tomorrow, the Senate will decide if it wants to move forward with debate on the health care bill. 60 Senators will be needed to simply start the debate. Next, the bill will be discussed and put up for amendments. Then, it will be voted on, all within the next few weeks.

As the process moves forward, we will be working to improve the Senate bill where possible and make sure it does not get weakened. Along the way, we'll be asking you for your help to make sure your Senators allow the fair vote on this health care bill that this country deserves.

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Winning this fight will take energy, enthusiasm, and dedication. But we're confident that if we work together towards our shared goal of quality, affordable health care for all, we can make history.

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