Fox Guards Hen House: New FDA Food Watchdog in Monsanto’s Back Pocket

Fox Guards Hen House: New FDA Food Watchdog in Monsanto's Back Pocket

by Tom Philpott,

Monsanto’s Man Taylor Returns to FDA in Food-czar Role

The FDA [has] announced that Michael Taylor, a former Monsanto executive, had joined the agency as “senior advisor to the commissioner.” If the title is vague, the portfolio (pasted from the press release) is substantial—a kind of food czar of the Food and Drug Administration:

• Assess current food program challenges and opportunities
• Identify capacity needs and regulatory priorities
• Develop plans for allocating fiscal year 2010 resources
• Develop the FDA’s budget request for fiscal year 2011
• Plan implementation of new food safety legislation [Editorial comment from BFIA: ha ha ha ha]

Taylor’s new position isn’t his first in government. He’s a veteran apparatchik who has made an art of the role-swapping dance between the food industry and the agencies that regulate it. (The FDA’s press release highlights his government service while delicately omitting his Monsanto daliances.)

Read the complete article at here.

[Ed: Well,
rest easier knowing that Monsanto has now gained complete control of the watchdog agency that is supposed to protect the American public from the likes of the evil creator of the suicide gene. (snark)]

Thanks to our good friend Molly Regan for submitting this post.

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