Dean Party Disaster: Fighting Howards!

Dean Party Disaster: Fighting Howards!

by Linda Thieman

There is no weirdness too weird for the genuine Deaniac.  I should know.  I’m one of them.

Recently, after the big electoral college Obama-electing election, Dr. Alta Price of Democracy for the Quad Cities gave a Howard Dean party at her home.  (There is simply never a wrong time to have a Howard Dean party, according to Iowa’s de facto head Deaniac.)

The more sober Deaniacs (if there is such a thing) sat and gazed in rapture at that moment in history that defined Howard Dean as unafraid to speak out, representing the “Democratic wing of the Democratic party” – a slogan borrowed from the late, beloved U.S. Senator from Minnesota, Paul Wellstone.

Amazingly, a large number of these rabid Dean supporters had never actually SEEN the beloved gov deliver his famous “What I Want to Know” speech from 2003.  So, Alta obliged them by showing her video tape of the event. (Does this thing still work?)

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, there was a choreographed fight going on between Howard Dean and, well, Howard Dean.  Connie Wilson, press-credentials seeker extraordinaire, had brought her Dean doll along, and her Dean doll had tangled with Alta’s Dean doll.  Heads landed on cake plates and forks were thrown.  (These Dean dolls were a prototype made up by, of course, a Deaniac several years ago.  All their parts move—wrists, elbows, arms, etc.  I wondered aloud if you could take off its suit jacket and roll up its sleeves!  Alta was unable to provide me with that information.)

So, long story even longer, some of the Deaniacs relegated to the kitchen started posing the two Howards and taking pictures.  It was an epic battle for the soul of the doll-faced Howard Dean (I’ll let you guess what I mean by that.)  There was even an appearance put in by Flat Howard, and if you don’t know what that is, what are you doing reading a Dean blog, pray tell?  (Not that you aren’t perfectly welcome, mind you.)

Connie's daughter, Stacey Wilson, has transferred the photos of the altercation to video, which is now being hosted at You Tube.  The tag line is hysterically funny.  Enjoy.

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