Down with Tyranny Assesses Chances in Iowa’s 4th and 5th, and Why It is Essential to GOTV Today and Tomorrow

Down with Tyranny Assesses Chances in Iowa's 4th and 5th, and Why It is Essential to GOTV Today and Tomorrow

Down with Tyranny

Why we must do all that we can to get out the vote today and tomorrow

It wasn't a surprise in 2006 when progressive Democrat Bruce Braley won the open seat in IA-01 (Davenport, Dubuque, Waterloo). Although DCCC chair Rahm Emanuel was unenthusiastic over Braley's unambiguous opposition to the Iraq war, the DCCC gave him the green light and his victory over right-wing loon Bill Whalen was convincing (55-43%). On the other hand, the victory next door, in IA-02 (Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Burlington), where Dave Loebsack squeaked by 30 year veteran Jim Leach, was one of the political shockers of the cycle. It was a Democratic year and Chet Culver's 100,000 vote margin in the gubernatorial race helped both Braley and Loebsack, each of whom has gone on to distinguish himself as among the better Democrats in the House. . . .

There are only two Republican House members left in Iowa and both have strong Democratic opponents this year, though neither is on the lists the Cooks & Schnooks & DCCC make up as targets. Iowans, on the other hand, have shown in the past they make their own targets. The [Des Moines] Register recommended that voters retire King as an embarrassment to the state and lauds Becky Greenwald's leadership potential as the right choice in IA-04. . . .

If Hubler and Greenwald do manage to dislodge King and Latham, America will have, by then, taken a step towards the real systemic reform to our government that grassroots Democrats want so badly and that Republicans and odious Democrats from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party will do all they can to prevent. A short clip from the Register explaining why they think Rob Hubler is the right choice for IA-05… and for America.

[BFIA: In the DMRegister's endorsement clip of Rob Hubler, they mistakenly repeat King's claim that he actually had something to do with the Highway 20 project.  But take a look anyway.  And please, if you can, get out there for Rob and Becky today and tomorrow.]

Read the complete article here.

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