Incumbent Molly Regan Runs for Scott Co. Soil & Water Commission

Incumbent Molly Regan Runs for Scott County Soil & Water Conservation Commission

by Linda Thieman

Scott County's Molly Regan was one of the success stories that came out of the Howard Dean movement in 2004.  Inspired by Dean to run for local office, Molly found herself in a tight race for Soil & Water Conservation Commissioner.  To our delight, she pulled it off and has been serving ever since.  Molly is currently up for re-election.  Molly is also serving as co-campaign manager for Steve Smith of De Witt in his run for Iowa House District 83.

Four years ago, Molly wrote this piece for Blog for Iowa about some of the DFQC folks' bus trip down to the Harkin Steak Fry.  Here's what she said about the excitement amongst the progressives on the Iowa political scene when Barack Obama leaped into the national consciousness at the Democratic National Convention that year.

Molly Regan speaks at the Sierra Club/Eagle
Chapter at the Bettendorf library.

About half an hour west of Davenport, I put in the tape from the Democratic National Convention I had brought along. The bus we rode had 6 small TVs overhead and a tape deck!  So we watched…You guessed it… GOVERNOR HOWARD DEAN.  The man received a two-and-a-half minute standing ovation even before he could speak!  We also heard Barack Obama. Several people on the bus had not heard his speech. How inspiring that man is. He will probably be president some day. 

Molly, you may be right!

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