Here they go again.

Here they go again.

By Planned Parenthood of IA
We should be used to the Bush Administration formula by now: erode civil rights, violate millions of people, and then lie about it.  They have nearly perfected it.
We have seen it in Iraq, where a country was invaded because it “had weapons of mass destruction.”  We have seen in it Guantanamo, where people were detained and water boarding was used, but America “does not engage in torture.”  We have even seen it in our homes, when a phone call with a traveling friend can be recorded by the NSA, but the administration “does not wiretap our phones.”
Now, the administration is doing something new.  They have taken their formula to the doctor’s office.
The Bush Administration has proposed a rule that they claim will protect doctors from having to provide abortions if they morally object.  They claim this rule has nothing to do with contraception or access to health care.

They are lying to you.  Again.
This rule has nothing to do with protecting doctors but is about replacing medicine with ideology – and it is their ideology, not yours.  It is about taking away the right of a patient to seek medically accurate and unbiased medical care, and instead providing only propaganda from those who do not believe a woman can make her own decisions. Consider a donation to help us fight this attack on health care!
Instead, this rule creates a special class for ALL employees of health care organizations based on their personal beliefs.  It allows everyone from the doctor to the receptionist to deny any care they feel is morally objectionable.  If any corrective action is taken, the organization could lose its ability to provide federal assistance programs to its patients.

What do these three things have in common?

·  A waiter who is a vegetarian refuses to serve meat to customers;

· A geography teacher opposed to communism refuses to teach students about China;

· NAACP hires a member of the KKK who opposes everything they stand for?

If this HHS rule were applied to all jobs, none of these people could be fired for not doing their job. It’s ridiculous!
If you think I am angry about all this, you’re right!   The time has come to end this nonsense and support Planned Parenthood’s prevention strategy. Consider a donation to the Freedom Fund PAC, so we can ensure this never happens again!
Please, right now, take action and submit your comments to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This is the official method of registering complaints against this measure, and the more people who submit, the better our chances of defeating this regulation.
Next, get out and work on the campaigns of those candidates who oppose this rule.  If we defeat the policymakers who support this ideology – from the White House to the State House – then we can end this kind of nonsense. We can get back to a country which TRULY stands for freedom for all, not just freedom for those who agree with George Bush.

Jill June
President and CEO
Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa

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