CRITICAL VOTE: Will Your Representative Vote Against Iowa Women?

CRITICAL VOTE: Will Your Representative Vote Against Iowa Women?

By Nicole McLuen, Field Director- Healthy Families

This is your last chance to defend family-planning for low-income women in the Iowa House.

Will your Representative vote against Iowa’s women because they didn’t hear from you?

Poisonous, anti-Planned Parenthood, and anti-woman amendments will be offered TODAY to strip funding from the Healthy Families line-item.

The more support constituents can give to our Representatives the better armed they will be to take a stand against the opposition.

Iowa Right to Life has been gathering support among Representatives to strip funding from this vital program.

If Iowa Right to Life truly valued reducing abortions in Iowa, they would support preventative contraceptive and family planning programs to prevent unintended pregnancies in the first place.  Unfortunately, their attack machine is only focused on Planned Parenthood despite this program’s effectiveness.

Take a minute right now to ensure your Representative knows your position on this vital issue.  Over 100,000 Iowa women are in need of this program… without your support, they may continue to go without.

Will your Representative vote with Iowa Right to Life because they didn’t hear from you?

Thanks for all that you do!

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