Vote for Iowa’s Own Lynda Waddington in Blog Contest

Vote for Iowa's Own Lynda Waddington in Blog Contest

By Seth Moomey

I would ask that each of you take one minute and help me put our friend Lynda Waddington at the top of this contest.. for those of you that do not know Lynda, she is a good friend of mine, a wonderful journalist and fellow Democrat. She runs a great blog, Essential Estrogen (see below). It is a great accomplishment in and of itself that her blog has been recognized in this contest and has made it this far, but I would be very appreciative of a minute of your time and the favor of your vote to push her to the top!

Regardless of your vote, please check out her blog ( If you are interested in politics, and especially a woman's point of view, you won't be disappointed!

Thank you,
Seth Moomey

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Sent: Friday, March 28, 2008 2:15:52 PM
Subject: Lynda Waddington is in the running to be the top WVWV female blogger!

In celebration of Women's History Month, WVWV (Women's Voices Women's Vote) honored female bloggers through our Women making History contest. The 10 most nominated bloggers are listed below – Vote for your favorite!

Lynda Waddington, a former journalist and current small-business owner, is the creator and designer of Essential Estrogen. Throughout history, every significant societal shift toward a more equitable community has taken place because either a woman or group of women took action. Her blog is dedicated to the women of today ‚ especially fellow Iowans, who strive to bring the female attributes of integrity, cooperation and true compassion into our public policies.

Click here to vote for Lynda Waddington.

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