By Karen Kubby

Emma Rocks! is a fun and exciting musical event to benefit the Emma Goldman Clinic. It is a participatory musical competition to be held on Saturday March 29 from 7pm-9pm at the historic Englert Theatre in downtown Iowa City.

11 performances will be included in this competition. Performances are from a broad spectrum of musical genres from folk to jazz pop to alternative sex rock by performers ranging from high school to middle aged.

This fundraising event is a collaborative effort between the Emma Goldman Clinic, the Englert Theatre, Summer of the Arts, Creative Connections, United Action for Youth, Dave Zollo, Community Television Services, The Guitar House, and J Frahm Music.

The audience will vote for the top three performances at the March 29th event. A panel of judges will chose the winner of Emma Rocks! Judges are Mayor Regenia Bailey, former high school music teacher and community theater actor; Nikki Lunden, local singer and songwriter; and Sam Schlesinger, United Action for Youth volunteer.

Winners will receive a prize including main stage time at the Iowa Arts Fest and a feature story in Creative Connections magazine; a demo CD produced by Dave Zollo in the music studios of United Action for Youth and a music video produced by Community Television Services; an Arbor acoustic guitar provided by J Frahm Music and guitar lessons from Bill Hook, owner of The Guitar House.

Tickets are available at the Englert Theatre Box Office and are $15 for adults ($21 the night of the show) and $9 for students, seniors, and those living on lower incomes ($11 the night of the show). The Englert Theatre Box Office is located in the theater at 221 E. Washington Street and is open Monday – Friday from 1-6pm. Tickets can be purchased over the phone at (319) 688-2653, extension 1.

For more information, contact Toni or Karen at the Emma Goldman Clinic by calling 319-337-2111 or go to <http://www.emmagoldman.com/>www.emmagoldman.com.

Performer list:
* Marv Hain, Jr. playing folk.
* Factor X, made up of Joe Anderson, Jake Anderson, Dan Powers, and Miles Newkirk playing hard rock.
* Jeffery Morgan playing folk.
* Megan Kalb, playing folk.
* Iron Hymen, made up of Karl Gronwall and Lindsay DeLand playing alternative sex rock.
* Greg and Jean Thompson playing roots folk.
* The Nonoxyl-9 made up of Dave Collins, Diane Machatka, Pete Hammond, and Sam Hammond playing jazz pop.
* Truthhawk playing original reggae pop.
* Pigs in Clover made up of Jamie Frederickson and Matt Kearney folk swamp rock.
* Family Van, made up of Lisa Kattchee, Laura Kelley, Lisa Preciado, and David Luthor, playing noise pop.
* Blue Cat Alley made up of Kate Thompson, Tom Laughrin, David Bordow, Steve Jeffries, Mark Soth, and Beth Payne playing blues-rock.

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