Holy Congressman, Batman. That guy’s from Washington State. What’s he doing at my caucus!

Holy Congressman, Batman. That guy's from Washington State. What's he doing at my caucus!

By Sam Garchik

I gave the details to Deeth at Iowa Independent. Check his diary out. All I can say is how badly does Jay Inslee want to be president? Or, How badly does he owe Hillary a favor?

Meanwhile, 719 people later, in IC 18 its Obama 5, Edwards 4, and Hillary 2. Barely. Hill needed the second go around to be viable, which means she may go down in flames in NH. Either way, progressives Obama and Edwards, behind over 220,000 Iowans (that shattered 2004 by over 100,000 people!), march on solidly.

So, I'm just thinking of how things might go if Clinton looses NH. If Hill gets wiped out, there will be an Obama candidate (he), and an anti-Obama candidate (Edwards). This could get really interesting.

And at BFIA, there are new links on the IA group bar (IA Bike Coalition, and IA House Dems), and the poll is gone. If we're lucky, we wont get to caucus until 2016. If you know what I mean, wink wink…

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