“Tell the Truth” Picket & Rally

DFA National Action:

Ask the Media to Tell the Truth” about the War

The following Media Advisory was sent to all local media in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas of Eastern Iowa:

Scheduled Event — Davenport, IA  

Event:        “Tell the Truth” Picket and Rally

Participating Organizations:

Democracy for America –  Quad Cites and the Peace Forum of Progressive Action for the Common Good

Contacts:      Alta Price: – 563-332-5051, 563-505-2996

                    Monica Kurth – 563-271-9332


Following the Sept. 11 anniversary, we Americans demand that this president do what he has never done since he seized the office — tell the truth.

The facts are clear: Iraq had nothing to do with Sept. 11, which even the Bush administration has admitted. Yet White House officials and many media pundits still continue the false position that the war in Iraq is “fighting terrorism.”

Quad Citians will be participating in a “Tell the Truth” rally on Thursday, September 13th from 4:30 to 6pm asking Clear Channel WOC Talk Radio 1420 AM to TELL the TRUTH about the Iraq war.

We are asking 1420 AM (Rush Limbaugh and Jim Fisher) to tell the truth about the failure of Bush's “surge”. We will also call on Clear Channel to return Progressive radio to the Quad Cities.

What:    Clear Channel and WOC picket
When:   Thursday, September 13, 2007, 4:30 PM
Where:  Quad Cities Radio Group
             3535 E Kimberly
             Davenport IA 52807

A majority of Quad Citians are against this war – the same is true nationally.

Last year, the Quad Cities lost Progressive radio immediately after the 2006 elections. We believe this is no coincidence given the shift in power as a result of the last election, and the rising tide of opposition to the war. The American people want our troops home and out of harm's way.

We demand that Clear Channel and WOC Talk Radio “tell the truth!”

America has never been told the truth about the Iraq war. Stop telling us that “Iraq will stabilize” when (pick one) Saddam Hussein is removed, Iraq has a constitution, Iraq has an election, Iraq has a security force, the troop surge has done its job. Stop telling us that “freedom is on the march” when we can see with our own eyes that Iraq remains a quagmire of corruption, sectarian fighting, death and destruction.

The truth is what the Government Accountability Office recently reported — that the Iraqi government met three of 18 benchmarks, partially met four and failed to meet 11.

The truth is — America had no business invading Iraq post 9/11. 


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