Enact Election Day Registration in Iowa!

Enact Election Day Registration in Iowa!


Iowa state law requires people to register 10 days before an election.
Just when a race gets interesting, it's too late.   It's time
for Iowa to take away the barriers and allow citizens to register to
vote on Election Day.


The Iowa
Citizen Action Network (ICAN) is currently working with legislative
leaders in the House and Senate and with the Iowa Secretary of
State’s office to promote Election Day Registration (EDR)
legislation. EDR is very reasonable voter registration policy, and is
currently in effect in two of Iowa's neighboring states, Minnesota and
Wisconsin. ICAN has been active in promoting civic engagement for its
entire history – registering voters door-to-doorr with its field
organizing efforts, and running non-partisan voter mobilization drives.
Making voter registration easy and convenient is an effective way to
increase civic participation.   Allowing registration on
Election Day brings people into the electoral process who are often
excluded, like students, renters, and low-income people.


asking all members of the State House of Representatives and Senate to
publicly support Election Day Registration and open up the electoral
process in Iowa. Please contact your legislators TODAY in support of



Take Action Now! Your Activism Makes a Real Difference!



your state representative and senator that you support Election Day
Registration legislation and that you want them to help it
pass.   PLEASE USE YOUR OWN WORDS as much as possible when
you email, call or write to make your position known. And be sure to
include your name, address, and phone number so that your elected
officials can let you know their position.


To contact your Senator and Representative visit the Iowa General Assembly web site:




Talking Points:


use any of the following points when telling your legislators why you
are asking them to support Election Day Registration:


Election Day Registration is one of the best ways to make voting
accessible for all eligible citizens, especially young people and those
who have recently moved.


will make elections easier to run because it will end the need for the
vast majority of provisional ballots. Voters who have problems with
their registrations or have recently moved, will simply register at the
polls and cast a regular ballot.


* EDR is
safe from voter fraud. Registrants are required to provide
identification and proof of residence, and strict penalties apply to
anyone who attempts to register fraudulently.



Sample Letter:



Dear Senator (or Representative) __________________,


I urge
you to help pass the Election Day Registration bill. This bill would
allow eligible voters to register to vote on at the polls on Election


electoral process is something that should be open to all eligible
citizens.   Unfortunately, the current voter registration
deadline 10 days before the election closes off participation just as
many people start thinking about the races.


states already allow Election Day Registration, and voter participation
in these states is 12% higher than in states with pre-election
registration cutoffs.   These states have proved that EDR

In many
places, it has actually made elections run more smoothly because it
eliminates the need for provisional ballots, as voters who don't show
up at the rolls can just register on the spot. There have been no
documented cases of election fraud arising because of Election Day
Registration, which requires photo ID.


Please help pass Election Day Registration in 2007 and encourage the entire State Legislature to do the same.




Your Name

Your Address


to put your e-mail, phone message, or letter in your own words – the
previous sample letter   is justt included as an example!



More Details:



For more information on Election Day Registration, visit ICAN on the web or see the website of our nation partner on this issue, Demos.

you for joining the effort to make the most fundamental right we have
in our democracy – voting – acceccessible to anyone who is eligible to


And as always, please let us know that you took action —


To learn more about ICAN's work or to get more involved contact

Amy Logsdon, ICAN Political Director at 319-354-8116 or

ALogsdon@IowaCAN.org and visit ICAN on the web at

http://www.iowacan.org .


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