Nolte – You Up for Another Run? [And Question for Deeth!]

Nolte – You Up for Another Run?

By Sam Garchik

Popular Progressive had this first, then Deeth, then Iowa Progress. It's a week old by the time I got it, but hey. Greiner is leaving and Nolte, a one-time and hopefully future BFIA contributor, should run again.

Also, I voted during the SILO election, and because things were going kind of slow at the polling place, I used the new machine! This was a pretty cool thing. It's not a Diebold – there's a paper trail and all, and you have two opportunities to change your vote one you actually vote. So yeah, I went back and forth on the SILO, and the machine kept a paper trail of EVERYTIME I changed my vote. I was pretty happy with how the thing was set up. Deeth – you got an idea as to the merits of this machine? Also, anyone else out there know anything about these gizmos?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Equipment isn't really my area of expertise or interest so I can't really comment.
    Speaking strictly for myself, I think other issues – especially election day voter registration – are more important, and i worry that the obsession with electronic machines is taking energy away from progress on other voting issues.


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