Peacefest to be Held in Iowa City

  Peacefest to be Held in Iowa City

By Peacefest Iowa 2006


Thai FlavorsFundraiser: Tuesday, September 5thEat at Thai Flavors on Tuesday, September 5th for lunch and/or dinnner;
part of the proceeds will go to PeaceFest. Members of the group will be
on hand to pass out information, and to answer questions. ;

Benefit show at The Mill: Friday, September 8th, 7:30 pm Head to The Mill Restaurant on Friday, September 8th at 7:30pm.
A portion of the cover fee (TBD) will go towards PeaceFest.
So far we've lined up the following acts (there may be more to come):
Matthew Grimm
-The Humanaires
Jeffrey Morgan


Peacefest 2006 brings together peace and justice activists and supporters for a day of community action calling for the immediate U.S. withdrawl from Iraq. Our aim is to create and strengthen ties among the progressive/activist/grassroots community, and to reach out to others who want to work to help build a democratic, just,
and peaceful world.

The main theme of Peacefest is antiwar, and the event will include speakers, workshops, musicians, and other activities; we hope to highlight the connections between the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and other domestic and foreign policy issues. We want to provide a venue for persons hoping to get involved in progressive/radical/left politics in the Iowa City area. We want to highlight how U.S. foreign and domestic policy contributes to and perpetuates global injustice, human rights violations, and military/economic occupation through economic,
political, and military dominance.

Antonia Juhasz, author of The Bush Agenda, is scheduled as our keynote speaker. You can find broadcasts of Democracy Now! that featured Antonia here and here. We'll be updating the event schedule occasionally, so check back often to learn about participating organizations, speakers, music, workshops, and other activities.

– The Peacefest Iowa 2006 Organizing Committee

Peacefest Committee wishes to thank Gabe Persaud, our webmaster


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