Vote Braley for Change

  Vote Braley for Change


In recent weeks, the possibility of the end of Republican rule has become much more real. Both the AP and Fox News have polls showing Democrats up 18 points on the generic congressional ballot.

Congressional analysts have used terms like “electoral rout” to describe the likely outcome in November. Congressional Quarterly, which rates the competitiveness of House races, has officially increased the odds of Democratic wins in a staggering 14 races over just the last week. As one analyst put it, “the political environment is as bad or worse as it was for the then-majority Democrats in 1994.”

It was against that backdrop that last week Senator Obama asked you to support four candidates who were in crucial races and needed a boost to fight off furious Republican attacks. Hundreds of you responded and are helping to keep our candidates on the offensive — thank you.

Senator Obama wrote to you about a few key candidates, but now the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) wants to hear from you about which candidates energize you the most. Today, I am pleased to announce that the DCCC will give online support to the candidates you choose.

In our “Candidate for Change” Contest, you — the DCCC community — will choose your top three favorite candidates from a list of some of our hardest-working, most progressive campaigns who have shown they can win. Cast your vote today, the deadline is Wednesday, August 23rd.

Cast Your Vote Today for the DCCC's “Candidate for Change” Contest

The winners will receive a tremendous boost from the DCCC and the DCCC Community, right when it's needed most:

  • A fundraising email from Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi or DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel to our list;
  • A phone bank run out of the Democratic National Headquarters for their campaign;
  • The feature spot on our Web site to get their message out, with a link to their campaign contribution page;
  • An online chat with the DCCC community to exchange ideas on the campaign and the future of our country.

Being a DCCC “Candidate for Change” could give your favorite candidates the additional boost they need to put them over the top on Election Day. It will send a message to their opponents and the media that the DCCC grassroots are behind them. Cast your vote now!

Cast Your Vote Today for the DCCC's “Candidate for Change” Contest

We have the strongest chance in over a decade of winning a Democratic majority in the House that would provide a progressive agenda for America and accountability for the Bush Administration. And the DCCC is the only organization solely committed to helping elect these Democratic candidates to the House.

Today, we are asking you to tell us who you would like us to directly support and shine the spotlight on. Please take a moment to vote and choose your favorite three candidates. Don't forget, the deadline for voting is August 23rd.

With less than 90 days left to go, we need to hear from every Democrat. After you vote, please forward this message to your friends and family and ask them to vote as well.

Cast Your Vote Today for the DCCC's “Candidates for Change” Contest

As always, the DCCC relies on grassroots Democrats for support, and we want to bring you into the decision process today. In November, we will win a Democratic majority and take America in a new direction. We will do this together, and the victory will belong to all of us.


Karin Johanson
Executive Director, DCCC

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