Dean for America Mission Statement and Principles

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Mission Statement and Principles

By Trish Nelson


Trish sent this on to me. It's from Dean's 2004 campaign, but it can be used with the stuff I posted to figure out the best way to say what we need to say in the least amount of words. Also, I am putting all the posts relating to organizing into the “Introducing DFIA” catergory.  Thanks, Sam


Howard Dean's mission :

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(1) Take back the White House from George Bush

(2) Remove corporate special interest money and influence from our

      electoral and governance processes

(3) Revitalize the Democratic Party

(4) Reclaim the media and infuse it with the voice of the people.


Our new effort will change America by working for the following principles:


  • We will promote grassroots democracy and bring new people into politics.
  • We will support candidates and office-holders who tell the truth; stand up for what they believe; and oppose the radical agenda of the far right.
  • We will fight against the special interests.


And we will fight forprogressive policies like:


  • Health care for all.
  • Investment in children.
  • Equal rights under the law.
  • Fiscal responsibility; and
  • A national security policy that makes America stronger by working with allies and advancing progressive American values.
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