Culver-Judge in the Second District

Saturday Events in the Second District

By Sam Garchik

Patty is coming to the Johnson County Dems HQ Opening (1 – 3 PM 353 East College Street, Iowa City), while Chet is headed to CR where he will be at the Linn County Dems HQ (11:45 AM, 601 2nd Avenue SE).

Also, if your in Cedar Rapids today, you should check this out:

The “Eyes Wide Open” National Guard memorial focuses on the cost of the Iraq war to our citizen soldiers, to Iraqi civilians, and to our nation. The exhibit consists of hundreds of combat boots and civilian shoes, each bearing the name of a National Guard member or an Iraqi man, woman, or child who has died in the conflict.

Women For Peace Iowa is helping with this event, which will be held in downtown Cedar Rapids on the busiest day of the Freedom Festival. The location is directly across from the barbecue contest, and should get a lot of foot traffic.

When: Saturday, June 24
When: 9am – 7pm
Where: 8th Avenue and 1st Street SE, Cedar Rapids

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