Take Willie Nelson’s Advice: Buy Bio Diesel


Take Willie Nelson’s Advice: Buy Bio Diesel

By Mark Nolte

Like everyone else in the country who is not an executive or share holder of an oil company, gas prices have been a big concern to me and my family of late.  

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Oh, how great it will be, I think, when we have cars that run on alternative fuels.  E85 Hybrids that get 70 mpg on pure <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Iowa goodness.   


I ran this thought by a friend the other day who drives a huge Ford pickup for his construction company. 


“Diesel prices must be killing you.” I surmised. 


“Nah, I’ve been using Bio Diesel, its 50 cents cheaper and I get better mileage.”  He casually retorted. 


I’ll admit, until I did some research on it, when I thought of Bio Diesel, I imagined a hippie type with too much time on his hands dumping fryer grease from the local burger joint into some old modified SAAB.  I pictured black smoke billowing out that made observers hungry for onion rings. 


In fact, Bio Diesel has quietly become a very realistic alternative, not for the future, but for today.  This link answers some of the basic questions:  http://www.biodiesel.org/pdf_files/fuelfactsheets/CommonlyAsked.PDF


The reality is that any diesel engine can burn Bio Diesel.  Besides trucks there are several options of diesel autos on the market today.  Volkswagon offers several models available with a diesel engine, Jeep now offers its Liberty model in a diesel and several other automakers are coming on board as well.  A quick search on the internet found that there are over 1,200 used diesel vehicles for sale in a 300 mile radius of Des Moines.  Chevy even has plans for a Diesel-Electric Hybrid:  Link: http://www.greencarcongress.com/2004/09/more_on_the_che.html


So, now the real questions, who is making this stuff and where do I actually fill the tank?  


I’m happy to report that it is not oil conglomerates but primarily small businesses in Iowa.  Independent, progressive entrepreneurs across the state are making this product.  This means a future with fewer wars for oil, reducing greenhouse emissions and best of all keeping our money here in Iowa.   For a map of locations where you can fuel a diesel vehicle with the good stuff can be found here: http://www.biodiesel.org/buyingbiodiesel/retailfuelingsites/default.shtm


So, what are you waiting for?  Get rid of the passé gas vehicle and get with the now.  Go green with Iowa Bio Diesel.  Save money, clean the air and support Iowa businesses.  The only down side: unfortunately it really doesn’t smell like Onion Rings.

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