U.S. Senate Candidate Art Small Makes A Big Splash At State Convention

U.S. Senate Candidate Art Small Makes A Big Splash At State Convention

should come as no surprise that one of the highlights of the Iowa
Democratic State Convention was a literate and roll-on-the-floor funny
faux newspaper coming out of the Art Small for U.S. Senate campaign.

The November 3, 2004 – that’s right, I said 2004
– edition of Vox Populi’s lead story was, of course, “Democrats Sweep
Elections: Art Small Trounces Grassley.”  (Amen to that!)

Highlights from Vox Populi’s world roundup:


Indonesia) AP reports that more than 500 Indonesians were instantly
cured of Beri-Beri and Yellow River Fever in the wake of Bush’s defeat
in U.S. presidential elections.



(Paris, France)
Speaking at a celebration of 250 years of L’academie française, the
guardian of the French language, President Jacques Chirac hails death
of ‘freedom’ fry as final U.S. recognition that Americans did not
invent every great food, just, he said, “the overstuffed sandwich, le
hot chien, et le taco.”


That the “French fry” is Belgian is beside the point, he said.


Belgium) Concerned about imminent changes in U.S. trade policy likely
to be made as a result of the landslide Democratic victories during
this election, E.U. leaders have instituted a review of Common
Agricultural Policy (CAP). “We sense that the members of the new
administration are not all rapacious, lying bastards,” said one senior
E.U. official, “so perhaps now Europeans and Americans can work towards
agricultural support that assists the family farm rather than


(Hamburg, Germany)
Across this country, people are delighting in U.S. pResident George
Bush’s defeat. Die Neue Zeitung reports more than 200,000 Hamburgers
alone have flooded the streets, dancing, hugging each other and crying.


“We are just so
relieved the United States has joined the ranks of civilized nations
again,” said Hamburg Mayor Heinrich Schadenfreude.

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