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Slaying A Foreign Government Official

The politics of Iran has been on my radar since the Iranian Revolution when Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was overthrown in 1979 and an Islamic republic replaced the monarchy. I lived in Mainz, Germany that year. I was a mechanized infantry … Continue reading

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Questions About Our New War With Iran

At 3:15 a.m. CST my phone rang. It was an international call from Jordan. I don’t know anyone in Jordan and the caller did not leave a message. I know a few people who travel in the Middle East from … Continue reading

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Did Trump Manufacture Iran Oil Tanker Attack to Start a War?

“Could Trump lie the United States into a war with Iran as part of his election campaign?” Does this sound familiar? Trump is on record suggesting war with Iran would be a good campaign strategy.  Weak evidence, little information raises … Continue reading

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