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Alternate Reality – What World Do Republicans Live In?

I just heard a Mitt Romney introduction by Marco Rubio in which Rubio stated that Romney was responsible for creating over 100,000 jobs. He then stated that this was so much better than the current president. For some strange reason … Continue reading

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What A Merry-Go-Round

1, 2, 3 BYE! Well as I sit here on Tuesday a new game is being born. Who Goes First? Herman Cain? Joe Paterno? Sylvio Berlusconi? Any or all could be off the media map before this gets posted Sunday. … Continue reading

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New Apostolic Reformation Behind Rick Perry’s Candidacy

As summer winds down, let me guess that you, like me, have enjoyed plenty of sweet corn and tomatoes bought from farmstands and farmer’s markets across the state this summer. Despite the incredible heat, the just out of the field … Continue reading

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