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Can Educationism Solve Anything?

Blaming the woes of society on our K-12 education system is a habit I need to break. In the post below the target was a failure to teach children about their responsibilities when signing student loan papers. A high school … Continue reading

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Public Dollars And Private Education

The Iowa Republican argument for spending $53 million dollars to support private schools and home schooling programs during the 2017-2018 school year is giving parents options. “There’s been a trend to slowly put some dollars towards people who are choosing … Continue reading

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The Commoditization Of Higher Education: A Tragedy

Starring Grover Norquist, and featuring the classic plot where the GOP systematically deprives an institution of money, then uses the ensuing chaos and dysfunction to argue that the institution is in need of “reform.”  Alas, in this story their idea … Continue reading

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