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We Can Still Stop The Bakken Pipeline

Action Alert from change.org Demand the Army Corps reject the pipeline! April Richards Burch Boone, IA Apr 10, 2016 — The EPA has now recommended that the Corps prepare a second environmental assessment and complete an Environmental Impact Statement for … Continue reading

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Bakken News From Ed Fallon

Dear Friends, Good news in the battle to stop the Bakken Oil Pipeline! Landowners and attorneys have formed the Private Property Rights Coalition (PPRC) to take the fight to the courts. PPRC’s lawsuit maintains that “the Iowa Utilities Board has … Continue reading

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The Fallon Forum: Mistaken Identity

Dear Friends, My phone rings. It’s a number I don’t recognize. I’m gardening, and my hands are happily adorned with rich, black soil. Bad time for a phone call, but I answer anyway. “Hello, this is Frank Durgin,” a voice … Continue reading

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Day Of Bakken Resistance Activities

(Editor’s Note: The following invitation came to Blog for Iowa yesterday from Robert Nehman at the Allamakee County Protectors). You’re invited to  a day of pipeline resistance activities on Thursday, July 9. Objection Delivery: At 10 a.m. we are hand-delivering … Continue reading

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The Fallon Forum: Bakkening The Caucus

fallonforum.com Dear Friends, {Reminder: FILE A PETITION TO INTERVENE ON THE PIPELINE! You have until July 27 to get the full volume of your voice heard in Iowa Utilities Board deliberations on the proposed Bakken Oil Pipeline. Click here for … Continue reading

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This Week On The Fallon Forum: Pipeline Bullies

fallonforum.com Dear Friends, Business and political leaders in Iowa have been outspoken against bullying – a problem in our classrooms, on our playgrounds and in our streets. But these same leaders ignore – and actually enable – the corporate bullying … Continue reading

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Ed Fallon And Governor Branstad Achieve Common Ground

fallonforum.com Dear Friends, Last month, when I asked Governor Branstad to meet with me to discuss the Bakken Oil Pipeline and the eminent domain bill, I believed that – historically at least – we had two things in common: (1) … Continue reading

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This Week On The Fallon Forum: More On Bakken Pipeline Cartel, Eminent Domain Bill SF 506

 fallonforum.com This bunch from the pipeline cartel — what I call ’em — is just a bucket of snakes and you can’t tell which head belongs to which tail.” Dear Friends, There’s nothing like courage to inspire principled acts of … Continue reading

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Today’s Fallon Forum: Breaking News On Bakken Pipeline

Dear Friends, This weekend, I received an astounding news tip relevant to the proposed Bakken crude oil pipeline. It was shared with me in confidence, but I can tell you that it literally made my jaw drop! This breaking story … Continue reading

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Eminent Domain Bill Emerging In #ialegis

An eminent domain bill is emerging in the Iowa legislature. If it becomes law, it would impact both the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Rock Island Clean Line which share the issue of being merchant distribution lines for oil and … Continue reading

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