Sunday Funday: High Holy Days Of Basketball + Women’s History Edition

Clark buzzer beater after screen by Czinano (46 seconds:)

What a grand conjunction for someone like me. Over the years I have become more and more of a women’s basketball fan. While the skill level is not what men can do, the women’s game has some points that no one else does. In recent years it has become so much more competitive that I often find myself watching a women’s game over the men’s game.

Our family was one that made it to most Iowa games on Sundays when Vivian Stringer was coach. Her teams were excellent and very good people. Stringer was a tough act to follow, but what Lisa Bluder has done over the past couple of decades is remarkable. And what can say about Bill Fennelly at ISU? His teams are always good and great representatives for Iowa

So here we are in Iowa celebrating Women’s history month and hoping that one of this year’s contingent of women’s college basketball teams can bring home some hardware. 

Couldn’t write a blurb about women’s basketball in Iowa without congratulating Caitlin Clark on her well deserved pick as Big Ten player of the year. Don’t forget that Monica Czinano is also all Big Ten. And over at ISU I don’t think there isn’t a record that Ashley Joens doesn’t own. I thank both teams for some great memories this year.

Back to reality. 

A) In a deposition released Monday who admitted that Fox News lied in their assertions that the 2020 election was stolen?

B) Trains in what country crashed head on killing at least 57 people?

C) There have been 5 near crashes on takeoff or landing in the US recently, including one Monday in what US city when a private pilot ignored traffic controller instructions?

D) Now on a quarter, who was the first woman to head a major Native-American tribe?

E) During an investor presentation what car company CEO said the cost of producing their cars will be cut in half using advanced manufacturing techniques?

F) Speaking of cars, what new battery is being touted as a possible replacement for the lithium-ion battery?

G) What state completed the repeal of old abortion laws begun when they were rejected by the electorate in that state?

H) The right got another bone from the Supreme Court when the Court agreed to hear a case on the funding of what federal agency?

I) Who wrote the Feminine Mystique and was a leader in the women’s movement in the late 20th century?

J) Florida Republicans are introducing some strange bills in their legislature his session including one that would outlaw what entity?

K) Speaking of Florida, Governor DeSantis signed a bill Monday that ended the special status of what company in Florida?

L) And one more for Florida. A bill introduced into the legislature would require all bloggers who write about what person be registered with Florida?

M) March 5, 1770 – one of the seminal events that would lead to the Revolutionary War took place where on this day?

N) Hard to ignore the story the cable newsers highlighted all week. What South Carolina lawyer was convicted of murdering his wife and son last week?

O) What man whose leaking of the Pentagon Papers over 50 years ago announced this week that he has inoperable pancreatic cancer?

P) What woman led the fight to criminalize lynching, helped found the NAACP and aided black people moving north during “The Great Migration?”

Q) Food benefits during the covid emergency from what program ended February 28th?

R) Hundreds of newspapers dropped what long running comes strip after racist remarks by the strip’s creator?

S) What foreign car company in Alabama will divest itself from a subsidiary that violated labor laws?

T) Kids that are 16 years old would be allowed to serve alcohol in a bill still alive in what state?

The future the gun lobby is pushing for is one with absolutely no gun regulation whatsoever where anyone can get a gun. That is the path we are going down right now. They want bad guys to have guns so they can use the rise in gun violence to sell more guns to scared people. – David Hogg tweet


A) Board chair Rupert Murdock

B) Greece

C) Boston

D) Wilma Man-Killer

E) Tesla

F) Sodium-ion

G) Michigan 

H) Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)

I) Betty Friedan

J) The Democratic Party

K) Disney

L) Governor DeSantis (note: Russia had a similar law concerning Putin enacted in 2014)

M) Boston – the Boston Massacre

N) Alex Murdaugh

O) Daniel Ellsberg

P) Ida Wells-Barnett


R) Dilbert

S) Hyundai

T) Iowa (leading the way back to the 19th century)

Beijing is now the city with the most billionaires in the world and I for one am OUTRAGED that the communists are better than us at capitalism. – John Fugelsang

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