How You Can Help Stop The Don’t Say Gay/Don’t Say Trans Bill

Today is the beggining of the 7th week of the legislative session and just saw introduction of 14th anti-LGBTQ bill.

There are a large number of bills at various stages of the process but one thing is clear: the education focused bills are moving the most rapidly and that’s where we could use your help.

HF348, a Don’t Say Gay / Don’t Say Transgender bill was passsed out of the full House Education committees last week which means it will be eligible for debate on the floor of the Iowa House of Representatives this week.

We need you to contact your State Representative and tell them to stop censoring LGBTQ people out of Iowa schools

We know it has been a long session. We know we’ve asked you to take action on these bills several times already. But we have to hold the line. Their goal is to exhaust us and our resources. We cannot let that happen.

In addition to emailing, we need volunteers to join us at a phone and text bank this week to get constituents in contact with their representatives on this legislation. 

As always, if you are unable to volunteer or contact your representative, please consider donating to fuel our work. We have had an amazing volunteer response as of recently which has allowed us to send tens of thousands of texts and calls per week. But that adds up. If you donate just $10 today, we can send an additional 125 text messages. We need to continue to connect Iowan’s with their elected officials. Can you help by making a donation now?

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