Why Do Republicans Think Women Are Their Property?

Our backward MAGA representatives in congress and Iowa Republicans are willing to turn the United States of America into a third world country where women and girls can be forced to bear children against their will. Watch what happens in the Iowa legislature as the MAGA Iowa R’s play out their brilliant ideas to the detriment of just about everybody. If you make the effort to write to your Republican state legislator or member of congress, realize that public pressure is our only chance for change so you should also send it to your local newspaper.  Regular Iowans need to get louder.

Here’s a note from the DCCC

Mariannette Miller-Meeks and Ashley Hinson Owe Voters An Answer on Iowa’s Latest Abortion Ban

Today, Iowa Republicans announced new efforts to ban all abortion in Iowa

Reps. Mariannette Miller-Meeks and Ashley Hinson owe their voters an answer about whether or not they stand by this extreme and dangerous effort to strip women in Iowa of their freedoms.

Previously, both Hinson and Miller-Meeks have made their positions clear by:

DCCC Spokesperson Nebeyatt Betre:

“Mariannette Miller-Meeks and Ashley Hinson have not been shy with their record on abortion. Time and time again, they have leapt at the opportunity to strip freedoms from women. With MAGA McCarthy in charge, they cannot be trusted to stand up for access to essential care for women in Iowa or across the nation.”

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