Politics Girl On The Media

“We’ve made a successful business model of shameless lying.” – Leigh McGowan on the media

Leigh McGowan launched PoliticsGirl as a way to help people reconnect with politics. She started the YouTube channel in 2015 as a way to inform and inspire. I just found her recently. If you haven’t come across her yet check out her kitchen Tweets and podcasts. She’s fun, she’s got great messaging, important guests, and she is never confused about what is going on. She’s realistic but optimistic. Instead of feeling totally hopeless and depressed like I sometimes do after listening to progressive punditry, I feel hopeful, energized and inspired, like it’s possible we could get through all this. No small thing!

“The more we talk, the more we care, the more we care, the more we vote, the more we vote the more politicians are accountable to us and the more accountable they are to us, the more we can demand they change things for the better. If our votes didn’t matter they wouldn’t be trying so hard to take them away.  Change is possible. We just have to be willing to work for it.” – Leigh McGowan, PoliticsGirl

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PoliticsGirl on the media. “If it turns out that the media are simply there to turn a profit, where does that leave us?”  Deeply disturbing information particularly around 30 min. in.

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